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Jaewon Yoon

Doctoral Student

Jaewon Yoon is a doctoral student in the Organizational Behavioral Unit, Micro track. Jaewon's broad interest in creating happy, motivating, and productive work experience can be roughly divided into three branches: feedback exchange, deadline setting, and task framing.

One branch of her research investigates the factors that contribute to the effective exchange of feedback. An effective feedback, which promotes long-term performance improvement, is both informative enough to contribute to performance improvement and encouraging enough to motivate employees to accept the feedback content, persist on their task, and maintain their relationship with the feedback giver.
A number of her current projects in this category explore various ways to nudge managers to overcome their empathic/relationship concerns and deliver specific, critical feedback (e.g. framing "feedback giving" as "advice giving"; forcing feedback givers to elaborate on the longterm effects of the feedback delivery).
She is also interested in how feedback giving environments (e.g. joint vs. separate evaluation setting; stereotyped beliefs about the recipient) impacts feedback giver's tendency to focus on evaluation vs. advice-giving, promoting or hindering recipient's downstream performance.

Jaewon is also fascinated with the dynamics surrounding deadline settings. One of her main projects examines how the interpersonal nature of deadline settings may lead to suboptimal allocation of time for a given task due to the perspective mismatch of employees and managers. In another project, she also explores whether the existence of deadlines distort the employee's subjective construal of the task (as more time consuming than it actually is), leading to greater excessive time allocation and lower initiation motivation.

The final branch of Jaewon's research investigates how seemingly insignificant contextual cues can alter individuals' experience of the same task. For example, one of her on-going projects looks at how emphasizing how one's current tasks fit into the bigger collective project of the organization impacts worker's experience of the task.

Prior to HBS, Jaewon received her BA from the University of Chicago, where she majored in Psychology and Economics. During school years, she worked as a research assistant at the Hedonic Lab at the Booth School of Business (led by Professor Ed O'Brien) and the Multilingualism and Decision-Making Lab at the University of Chicago (led by Professor Boaz Keysar). She also spent a summer at the Gilbert Lab at Harvard (led by Professor Dan Gilbert) as a full time research assistant.