Digital Initiative

The Digital Initiative (D/I) seeks to explore and to impact the transformation of business in today’s digital, networked, and media-rich environment. We traverse disciplines, methods, and communities, drawing upon a faculty board from Marketing, Strategy, and TOM; collaborators from still other units; and a diverse group of schol​ars and practitioners beyond the school. We aspire to connect rigorous and collaborative research, innovative teaching, and meaningful engagement. Our aim is to achieve real impact among entrepreneurs and policy makers, innovators and researchers, technologists and technology users around the world.


Research & Ideas

Faculty News

Some Call For More Sharing In Ridesharing
Benjamin Edelman  
WBUR, 26 Aug 2014

Delivery Start-Ups Are Back Like It’s 1999
John Deighton & Josh Lerner  
New York Times, 18 Aug 2014

Politics and Dirty Data
Lynda Applegate  
Wall Street Journal, 11 Aug 2014

Consumer Products Companies are Seeking Less Shelf Space
John Deighton  
Wall Street Journal, 01 Aug 2014

A Scholarly Crowd Explores Crowdsourcing
Karim Lakhani, Feng Zhu & Rory McDonald  
HBS Working Knowledge, 31 Jul 2014

Were OkCupid’s and Facebook’s Experiments Unethical?
Michael Luca  
HBR Blogs, 30 Jul 2014

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