The History of Law and Business Organization

November 21-22, 2014

Sponsored by the Business History Initiative, Harvard Business School; the Program in Economic History, Economic Growth Center, Yale University; and the Economic History Seminar, Harvard University | Baker 102 | Faculty and doctoral students only

Graduate students and faculty, from any university, are welcome to attend


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This conference is held jointly by the Business History Initiative, the Economic History Seminar at Harvard University, and the Program in Economic History at the Economic Growth Center, Yale University. It brings together leading scholars to advance the study of the intersection of law and business organization.  The conference explores the consequences of underlying legal structures for business and economic development. The key topics for discussion will revolve around the type of legal form that is most conducive to economic development (i.e., the corporation versus alternative forms like the partnership or intermediate forms like the private limited liability structure). The conference papers will consider the significance of the Anglo-American common-law tradition versus code-based legal systems.