Business History in Africa, Asia, and Latin America: Integrating Course Development and New Research

June 13-14, 2014


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The Business History Initiative at Harvard Business School is hosting a conference on June 13-14, 2014:  "Business History in Africa, Asia, and Latin America: Integrating Course Development and New Research."

The conference will focus on course development in business history and the history of capitalism beyond the developed economies of Europe, the U.S., and East Asia. It will seek to leverage existing expertise about the field from countries where it is more established, as well as the experience of other disciplines, including world history and international business. Topics to be discussed include how to integrate the latest research into teaching materials; new and innovative pedagogical methods, including web-based learning and the use of oral history; the availability of primary sources; and the different interests and requirements of students in business schools, history departments, and in graduate programs. The conference will draw on an extensive global survey of business history courses in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It is hoped that speakers drawn from those regions will share their experience concerning the opportunities and challenges of teaching business history.

The conference will build on the June 2012 conference held at Harvard Business School, "Business History:  Incorporating New Research into Course Development." This conference collected roughly 200 syllabi from business history courses around the world.  (available at:
We would be delighted to have you join us at this conference, which is open to educators, graduate students, and other academics with an interest in the subject.  It will be held on the campus of Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.