Natural Resources and Government-Business Relations: Tin in the Global Economy

June 26 – 27, 2012


Entrepreneurial Management Unit

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Name Institution Papers
Andrew Perchard University of Strathclyde Business School 'The strategic wolf hidden beneath the clothing of the economic sheep?': Enterprise, State & Strategising Raw Materials.
Oscar Granados Pontificia Universidad Javeriana 'Bankers, Entrepreneurs and Bolivian Tin in the International Economy, 1900-1932'
Olivia Saunders University of Glamorgan 'Preserving the Status Quo: Britain and Bolivian Tin, 1946-1956'
Roger Burt University of Exeter and Norikazu Kudo, University of Keio 'Not By Tin Alone: The Poly-metallic Context of Primary TinProduction'
John Thoburn University of East Anglia 'Increasing developing countries' gains from tin mining: the boom years prior to the collapse of the International Tin Agreement'
Rodolphe Desbordes University of Strathclyde Business School FDI in the Tin Industry
Nick White Liverpool John Moores University 'The State, Big Business and the International Tin Agreement in Post-War Malaya"
Jonas Scherner Norwegian University of Science and Technology 'Tin and the German War Economy: Scrap Drives, Black Markets and Plundering Abroad'
Mats Ingulstad Norwegian University of Science and Technology 'Tin and the American Quest for Strategic Self-sufficiency'
Espen Storli Harvard Business School Trading Tin in an Era of De-globalization'