Kim B. Clark

George Fisher Baker Professor of Administration, Emeritus

Kim B. Clark joined the Harvard faculty in 1978 and served as Dean of the Faculty at Harvard Business School from 1995 to 2005.  He received the B.A. (1974), M.A. (1977), and Ph.D. (1978) degrees in economics from Harvard University.


Professor Clark's research has focused on modularity in design and the integration of technology and competition in industry evolution, with a particular focus on the computer industry. He and Carliss Baldwin are co-authors of a book on the topic entitled Design Rules: The Power of Modularity (MIT Press, 2000). Earlier research focused on the areas of technology, productivity, product development, and operations strategy; publications on these topics include Leading Product Development: The Senior Manager's Guide to Creating and Shaping the Enterprise (with S.C. Wheelwright, Free Press, 1995); The Perpetual Enterprise Machine: Seven Keys to Corporate Renewal through Successful Product and Process Development (co-edited with H.K. Bowen, C. Holloway, and S.C. Wheelwright, Oxford University Press, 1994) and Revolutionizing Product Development (with S.C. Wheelwright, The Free Press, 1992). A comprehensive study on product development in the world auto industry (with T. Fujimoto), Product Development Performance, was published in 1991 by HBS Press. Other books include Dynamic Manufacturing (with R.H. Hayes and S.C. Wheelwright, Free Press, 1988) and Industrial Renaissance (with W.J. Abernathy and A.M. Kantrow, Basic Books, 1983). Additional publications include 'Managing in an Age of Modularity' (with C.Y. Baldwin, Harvard Business Review, September-October 1997),'Development Projects: The Engine of Renewal' (with H.K. Bowen, C.A. Holloway, and S.C. Wheelwright, Harvard Business Review, September-October 1994), 'Organizing and Leading 'Heavyweight' Development Teams' (with S.C. Wheelwright, California Management Review, Spring 1992), 'Capabilities and Capital Investment: New Perspectives on Capital Budgeting' (with C.Y. Baldwin, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 1991), and 'The Power of Product Integrity' (with T. Fujimoto, Harvard Business Review, November-December 1990).

  1. Winner of the Newcomen-Harvard Award for Best Paper Published in the Business History Review in 1994 for "Capital Budgeting Systems and Capabilities Investments in U.S. Companies after World War II" (with Carliss Y. Baldwin, spring 1994).