Doctoral Student

Jeffrey Martin Lees

I am a second year Ph.D. candidate studying Organizational Behavior & Psychology at Harvard Business School. My research spans two topic areas: 1) How we perceive organizations as moral agents, make attributions of moral responsibility towards organizations, and how organizational characteristics affect these perceptions, and 2) How members of organizations have differing conceptions of and beliefs regarding “diversity,” how those differences underlie inter-group conflict within organizations, and what organizations can do to reduce these differences and promote inclusiveness.

I favor a multi-method approach to studying psychological and social phenomenon within organizations. I have extensive experience in utilizing laboratory methods, along with experience conducting field experiments and collecting qualitative interview data. By utilizing multiple methods I hope to not only better understand psychological phenomenon in the real world, but also to speak to multiple scientific disciplines in the pursuit of actionable knowledge.

Before attending Harvard I worked for three years as the Lab Manager of Columbia Business School's Behavioral Research Laboratory. I earned my B.A. in Psychology and Political Science from the University of Maine at Farmington and my M.A. in Social Science from the University of Chicago.