Doctoral Student

Do Yoon Kim

Do Yoon is a second year Doctoral Student in the Strategy unit at the Harvard Business School. His current research interests are in the intersection of industrial organization and organizational economics.

Do Yoon received a B.A. in Economics, Mathematics, and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences from Northwestern University in 2013. As an undergrad, he worked as a research assistant for the Institute for Policy Resarch at Northwestern University looking at opinion dynamics. He served in the Republic of Korea Army as a Sergeant and was discharged in 2010.

Working Papers

  1. Contextual Knowledge and Ethnic Migrant Inventors

    Prithwiraj Choudhury and Do Yoon Kim

    We study the role of ethnic Chinese/Indian migrant inventors in transferring contextual knowledge across borders and the role of ethnic networks in further disseminating such knowledge. Using a unique dataset of herbal patents filed in the United States by western firms and universities, we test whether contextual knowledge is codified in the west by ethnic migrant inventors and spread by their ethnic networks. Our identification comes from an exogenous shock to the quota of H1B visas, and a list of institutions that were exempted from the shock. We generate a control group of non-herbal patents that have similar medicinal purposes as our herbal patents through textual matching. Using this framework, we estimate a triple differences equation and find that herbal patents are likely to be filed by Chinese/Indian migrant inventors and are likely to be initially cited by other Chinese/Indian inventors. We also find that Chinese/Indian migrant inventors are likely to engage in arbitraging their prior knowledge, while inventors from other ethnic backgrounds are likely to engage in knowledge recombination.

    Keywords: contextual knowledge; knowledge flows; Ethnic Networks; skilled migration; knowledge arbitrage; knowledge recombination; textual analysis of patents; H1B visas; Knowledge Sharing; Knowledge Use and Leverage; Knowledge Dissemination; Immigration; Ethnicity;


    Choudhury, Prithwiraj, and Do Yoon Kim. "Contextual Knowledge and Ethnic Migrant Inventors." Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 17-069, January 2017. View Details