Doctoral Student

Alexandra Claire Feldberg

Allie Feldberg is doctoral student in Organizational Behavior (Sociology track). She uses multiple methods to understand linkages between knowledge transfer, technology, and demographic inequality in organizations. To date, her research exploring these topics has fit into two main streams that examine how (1) minority and majority workers prioritize and pursue knowledge and (2) biases embedded within workplaces affect the transfer of knowledge and can impede the success of members of minority groups.

Tying these topics together, Allie’s dissertation is a mixed methods study of a grocery chain. In this setting, she assesses decisions employees make about what information to pursue, the channels they utilize (i.e., through other people or digital platforms), and how their use of technology affects their relationship networks, operational performance, and career outcomes.

Prior to beginning the PhD program in Organizational Behavior, Allie worked as a senior management consultant at Katzenbach Partners and Booz & Company (now Strategy&), a staff member at Columbia University in the Center for Career Education, and an Education Pioneers Fellow with Teach For America. She graduated from Columbia University (Columbia College) summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in history. At Harvard she is a resident tutor and career adviser for undergraduate students in Lowell House.