Erik Stafford

John A. Paulson Professor of Business Administration

Erik Stafford joined the faculty at HBS in July 1999, where he has taught finance in the required and elective curricula of the MBA Program and in the CFA Investment Management Workshop.

Erik's research efforts focus on investment management, capital markets, and the financial system. Two of his papers have won annual prizes for research excellence. "Managerial Decisions and Long-Term Stock Price Performance," written with Mark Mitchell, won the Merton Miller Prize for the paper deemed most significant in the 2000 Journal of Business , and "Limited Arbitrage in Equity Markets," written with Mark Mitchell and Todd Pulvino, won the Smith-Breeden Prize for outstanding paper in the Journal of Finance.

In addition to his work at Harvard, Erik has been an advisor to CNH Partners (affiliate of AQR). Erik has an undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business.

  1. Nominated in 2004 for the Brattle Prize for "Price Pressure Around Mergers" (with Mark Mitchell and Todd Pulvino, Journal of Finance, February 2004).

  2. Winner of the 2002 Smith Breeden Prize for Outstanding Paper in the Journal of Finance for "Limited Arbitrage in Equity Markets" (with Mark Mitchell and Todd Pulvino, April 2002).

  3. Winner of the 2000 Merton Miller Prize for "Managerial Decisions and Long-Term Stock-Price Performance" (with Mark Mitchell, Journal of Business, July 2000).

  4. Winner of the 2016 Case Centre Award in the Finance, Accounting and Control category for "Valuation of AirThread Connections" (with Joel Heilprin, HBS Brief Case 114-263).