Doctoral Student

Henry Christian Eyring

Henry Eyring is a doctoral student in Accounting and Management at Harvard Business School, supporting Professor Dennis Campbell's research.  His educational background is in math and economics, with work experience in private equity and management consulting.  His research interests are cost accounting and performance management, especially in the social service industry.    

  1. Overview

    by Henry Christian Eyring

    I am interested in performance management as a tool for increasing efficiency. The breadth of stakeholders and inputs in social services complicate applications of performance measurement to industries like Healthcare and Higher Education. I have identified barriers to and determinants of successful performance management in social services. Upon implementation, performance measurement and reporting influence can alter incentives within industries and firms. I currently assist Professor Dennis Campbell (HBS) in advancing theories of performance management and incentives. Additionally, I plan to continue researching applications of performance management and incentive theory in Higher Education, especially in the design and evaluation of open online learning initiatives.

    Keywords: management accounting; performance measurement; incentives; control; education; Education Industry; Health Industry; Transportation Industry; Energy Industry; Auto Industry; United States; Japan; India;