Forest L. Reinhardt

John D. Black Professor
Unit Head, Business, Government and the International Economy

Forest L. Reinhardt is the John D. Black Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

Reinhardt is co-chair of the Harvard Business School's Global Energy Seminar, a new executive education course for the leaders of firms that produce oil and gas, generate and distribute electricity, or play other important roles in the delivery of energy services. He also teaches regularly in the HBS Agribusiness Seminar.

In the HBS Owner/President Management Program, Reinhardt teaches a core course on Global Markets.  Drawing on microeconomics, macroeconomics, political science, and history, the course helps business leaders understand the economic and political environment in which business is conducted, and the strategic opportunities and risks to which globalization gives rise. 

Reinhardt recently served as course head for the required MBA course, Strategy, which covers topics in industry analysis, competitive advantage, and corporate strategy.

Reinhardt currently serves as the faculty chair of Harvard Business School's Asia-Pacific Research Center and the chair of the HBS Executive Education Asia-Pacific Region.

Reinhardt is interested in the relationships between market and nonmarket strategy, the relations between government regulation and corporate strategy, the behavior of private and public organizations that manage natural resources, and the economics of externalities and public goods. He is the author of Down to Earth: Applying Business Principles to Environmental Management, published by Harvard Business School Press. Like that book, many of his articles and papers analyze problems of environmental and natural resource management. He has written numerous classroom cases on these and related topics, used at Harvard and many other schools in MBA curricula and in executive programs.

Reinhardt received his Ph.D. in Business Economics from Harvard University in 1990. He also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar, and an A.B., cum laude, from Harvard College.

Born and raised in Montana, he lives in Belmont, Massachusetts. 

  1. Environmental Management

    by Forest L. Reinhardt

    Forest L. Reinhardt is exploring the strategic and operational problems of firms in environmentally significant industries. His book, Down to Earth: Applying Business Principles to Environmental Management (published in 2000 by Harvard Business School Press), shows that firms' environmental problems can be fruitfully analyzed like other business problems, using traditional tools from marketing, finance, and strategy. The book analyzes the ways in which a company's ability to improve its environmental performance while delivering superior value to shareholders depend on the structure of the industry in which the firm competes and on the firm's own organizational capabilities. Building on this work, Reinhardt is now exploring questions of business strategy and internal firm management in the energy industry and in the food and agribusiness sector, with an emphasis on the management of the international operations of firms.
  2. Energy Strategy

    by Forest L. Reinhardt

    Forest L. Reinhardt is writing cases and other materials on the strategic problems and opportunitites faced by firms in the energy industry. Significant economies of scale and scope, combined with rapid technological change, present firms in the industry with a complicated set of opportunities and problems. Price volatility, national security considerations, and environmental externalities lead to widespread government intervention in energy markets, creating further problems and opportunities for firms. In-depth analysis of the economics and politics of energy is essential to the design of sensible strategies for firms and governments.