Doug J. Chung

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Doug J. Chung is an assistant professor of business administration in the Marketing unit and teaches the Business Marketing and Sales course in the second year MBA elective curriculum. He has previously taught the core Marketing course in the first year MBA required curriculum and Business Marketing in Executive Education.

Professor Chung focuses his research primarily on sales force management and incentive compensation. His work has been published in Marketing Science, Management Science, Harvard Business Review, and the European Financial Review. His current work examines how different elements of an incentive compensation plan affect the performance of varying types of sales agents.

Professor Chung earned his Ph.D. in management at Yale University, where he also earned an MA and M. Phil in management. He is the recipient of the ISMS Doctoral Dissertation Award, ISBM Doctoral Support Award, and the Mary Kay Doctoral Dissertation Award and was the finalist for the 2014 John D. C Little award. He is also a member of the Edward A. Bouchet Graduate Honor Society. He completed his undergraduate studies at Korea University. Prior to pursuing a career in academics, Professor Chung served as an officer and platoon commander in the South Korean Special Forces. He also held a variety of industry positions with several multinational companies.

  1. MBA Required Curriculum Marketing

    by Doug J. Chung


    The objectives of this course are to demonstrate the role of marketing in the company; to explore the relationship of marketing to other functions; and to show how effective marketing builds on a thorough understanding of buyer behavior to create value for customers.

    Students learn how to:

    • Make marketing decisions in the context of general management.
    • Control the elements of the marketing mix—product policy, channels of distribution, communication, and pricing—to satisfy customer needs profitably.
    • Use this knowledge in a brand management simulation.

    The course culminates in an examination of the evolution of marketing, particularly focusing on opportunities presented by the Internet.