Doctoral Student

Elizabeth Joyce Baily

Lizzie Baily Wolf is a doctoral candidate in the Organizational Behavior Unit at the Harvard Business School. Coming from a social psychology background, Lizzie uses experimental methods to study emotion, gender, nonverbal behavior, and self-presentation at work. Lizzie's current projects focus on how people can manage impressions of their distress at work, how men are stereotyped as "cultural ideals" across cultures, and how people look differently at individuals who engage in nonverbal displays of dominance vs. submissiveness. Lizzie is now beginning work on "Emotion as Performance Feedback," i.e., how the emotional state of an evaluator provides information about his/her assessment of the quality of what s/he is evaluating. Lizzie received her BA summa cum laude with honors from Connecticut College, where she double majored in Psychology and Hispanic Studies and received her CISLA certificate in International Studies.