Doctoral Student

Elizabeth Joyce Baily

Lizzie Baily Wolf is a third year doctoral candidate in the Organizational Behavior Unit at the Harvard Business School.  Coming from a social psychology background, Lizzie uses experimental methods to study gender, nonverbal behavior, and power/status dynamics at work. Lizzie received her BA summa cum laude with honors from Connecticut College, where she double majored in Psychology and Hispanic Studies and received her CISLA certificate in International Studies. Lizzie grew up just outside of Washington D.C. in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

  1. Overview

    Current Projects: • Perceptions of motivation (w/ N. Thornley and A. W. Brooks) • Perceptions of passion and emotionality (w/ A. W. Brooks) • Intention matters: Self-image goals adversely impact evaluations of leaders (w/ R. Ely and L. Ramarajan) • Men as cultural ideals: How culture shapes the content of gender stereotypes (w/ A. Cuddy, P. Glick, and M. Norton) • Face touching and its effect on empathy, power, and stress (w/ A. Cuddy)

    Keywords: gender; Power; attitudes; stereotypes; Nonverbal Behavior; cross-cultural/cross-border; social psychology; Emotion; Gender Characteristics; Power and Influence; Prejudice and Bias; Judgments; Emotions;