Doctoral Student

Ran Israel Shorrer

Ran is a doctoral student in the Business Economics program.  His main research interests are economic theory and market design. He earned degrees in mathematics and economics as an undergraduate at the Hebrew University and a master’s degree at the Center for the Study of Rationality.  For more information, please visit Ran Shorrer’s website

Journal Articles

  1. Solution to Exchanges 10.2 Puzzle: Borrowing in the Limit as Our Nerdiness Goes to Infinity

    Ran I. Shorrer

    This is a solution to the editor's puzzle from issue 10.2 of SIGecom Exchanges [Reeves 2011]. The puzzle asks to determine a point in time such that a lump sum payment of $S will be equivalent to a continuous stream of infinitesimal payments totaling $S, spread evenly over time. The full puzzle can be found online at: 10/2/puzzle.pdf.

    Keywords: Borrowing and Debt; Market Transactions; Mathematical Methods;

  2. Correlation in the Multiplayer Electronic Mail Game

    Peter A. Coles and Ran Shorrer

    In variants of the Electronic Mail Game (Rubinstein, 1989) where two or more players communicate via multiple channels, the multiple channels can facilitate collective action via redundancy, the sending of the same message along multiple paths or else repeatedly along the same path (Chwe, 1995 and De Jaegher, 2011). This paper offers another explanation for how multiple channels may permit collective action: parties may be able to coordinate their actions when messages' arrivals at their destinations are sufficiently correlated events. Correlation serves to fill in information gaps that arise when players are uncertain of the source of message failure, effectively strengthening messages from one player. This asymmetry in message strength in turn permits cutoff equilibria, where players take action after receiving a minimum number of confirmations.

    Keywords: electronic mail game; networks; stag hunt; coordination; signaling; Networks; Behavior; Communication; Trust; Game Theory;


    Coles, Peter A., and Ran Shorrer. "Correlation in the Multiplayer Electronic Mail Game." B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics 12, no. 1 (May 2012). View Details