Doctoral Student

Budhaditya Gupta

Adi (Budhaditya) is a doctoral candidate at Harvard Business School. Adi is interested in the relationship between the organization’s external context and its operating model/capabilities and uses field research methods to specifically explore how organizations design their operating resources and processes as they enter new geographies and/or markets. He conducts fieldwork at medical device companies, hospitals and other healthcare organizations in different countries. In a related project, Adi is studying the development of the principles and techniques of cardiac surgery in the US during the early-mid twentieth century.

Prior to joining HBS, Adi was a manager at a leading management consulting firm and has worked on multiple operations excellence engagements in the US and India over a period of seven years. Adi holds a MS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a MBA (PGPX) from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A). Adi completed a Bachelors (with honors) in Production Engineering from Jadavpur University (India).

Cases and Teaching Materials

  1. Health City Cayman Islands

    Tarun Khanna and Budhaditya Gupta

    Narayana Health (NH) had been successfully delivering affordable high quality tertiary care to the masses in India through its chain of hospitals for over a decade. To encourage the adoption of the NH affordable care delivery model worldwide, Dr. Shetty, Chairman of NH, was keen to establish a hospital in the western hemisphere and believed that it was important to demonstrate the model to the US. Thus when the Cayman Islands Government was interested in developing the island as a medical tourism hub during 2008-09, Dr. Shetty agreed to develop the Health City Cayman Islands (HCCI), a 2,000 bed conglomeration of multiple super-specialty hospitals within a single campus located on Grand Cayman Island. The first phase of HCCI, a 104 bed hospital focused on cardiac care and orthopedics, was developed jointly by NH and Ascension, the largest non-profit hospital system in US. The hospital was inaugurated in February, 2014 but there were open questions related to pricing of the procedures and the related target patient segment and volumes. Also, HCCI senior management realized the need to adapt the NH model developed in and for India to fit the new environment at Cayman and was open to experimentation in the coming months.

    Keywords: healthcare; emerging economies; innovation; india; institutions; pricing; replication; adoption; adaptation; strategy; Narayana Health; Ascension; Health City Cayman Islands; Dr. Devi Shetty; global strategy; international business; Health Care and Treatment; Innovation Strategy; Innovation and Management; Disruptive Innovation; Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues; Global Strategy; Knowledge Use and Leverage; Management Practices and Processes; Growth Management; Growth and Development Strategy; Market Entry and Exit; Adaptation; Adoption; India; Cayman Islands;


    Khanna, Tarun, and Budhaditya Gupta. "Health City Cayman Islands." Harvard Business School Case 714-510, May 2014. View Details