Doctoral Student

Michael Y. Lee

Michael Y. Lee is a doctoral student in Management at Harvard Business School and studies the roles that individual self-regulation and organizational self-management play in organizational life and how they might be leveraged to foster deeper flourishing.  One stream of his research explores the self-regulatory abilities that are needed for individuals and teams to collaborate more effectively and achieve higher performance, with a particular focus on the self-regulatory abilities of equanimity and mindfulness. Another stream of research examines alternative organizational forms to the traditional managerial hierarchy and examines how they enable organizations and the individuals within them to thrive. 

Michael has worked in a variety of organizational contexts and sectors. Most recently, he served as an engagement leader for the Parthenon Group, a global management consulting firm, where he advised corporate, private equity, and social sector clients. Michael earned his AB in Social Studies from Harvard University and an MBA from U.C. Berkeley. He has trained in large group meeting facilitation and self-managed teaming as a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs, and is an experienced student in Vipassana (Insight) meditation.

  1. Overview

    by Michael Y. Lee

    Michael has taught introductory mindfulness sessions and led guided meditations to groups of MBA students at Harvard Business School