Doctoral Student

Wannawiruch Wiruchnipawan

I am a second year PhD student in Organizational Behavior at Harvard University.  My research interests lie at the intersection between leadership, teamwork and creativity.  I investigate interactions between leaders and subordinates in dyadic and team contexts, as well as the effects of different leadership and teamwork styles on creativity.  I also explore if and how pro-social and indigenous values could influence leader-subordinate relationships, team effectiveness, and creative performance.

I graduated from Harvard College in 2010 with an A.B cum laude in Economics, a secondary field in Psychology, and a citation in Chinese.  As a native Thai, I was born in Chachoengsao before moving to Bangkok at the age of 10.  I have a long hard-to-pronounce Thai name-Wannawiruch Wiruchnipawan-and usually go by a shorter catchier one-Fon.  I came to the US years ago and have been actively involved in the Thai community here.  As an undergrad, I led the Harvard Thai Society and received the Yenching scholarship to study intensive Chinese in Beijing.  Prior to starting the Organizational Behavior program, I worked as an undergrad research assistant for Professor Jeff Polzer on research projects relating to teams and diversity.  Over the years I have found multicultural experiences nurturing for leadership development and innovative thinking, the realization of which has steered my research curiosity toward such areas. 

Besides work, I enjoy learning languages, writing blogs, cooking, jogging, listening to music, watching movies, and, recently, learning to play video games.


  1. Perceiving Collaborative Potential

    Patricia Satterstrom, Lisa Kwan, Wannawiruch Wiruchnipawan and Jeff Polzer


    Satterstrom, Patricia, Lisa Kwan, Wannawiruch Wiruchnipawan, and Jeff Polzer. "Perceiving Collaborative Potential." Paper presented at the International Association for Conflict Management Annual Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2011. View Details