Thales S. Teixeira

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Thales Teixeira is an assistant professor in the Marketing Unit. He holds a Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Michigan. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and master’s degree in statistics at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Before joining HBS, Professor Teixeira was an independent quantitative marketing consultant to technology and financial services companies, among them Microsoft, HP, and Prudential. He researches the Economics of Attention.

His research domain comprises advertising and the Economics of Attention, particularly within TV and Internet videos. With developments in information technology and telecom, videos – both commercial and noncommercial – will become pervasive in many activities of daily life. Discovering how to communicate effectively through videos will therefore become increasingly important over time.

Professor Teixeira is also a proponent of using eye-tracking and facial-tracking technologies to engineer the design of video communications moment-to-moment in order to attract and retain viewer attention. Among his most recent findings, published in Marketing Science, is the optimality of what he terms brand pulsing (brief and frequent insertions of the brand logo on-screen) in TV commercials as a means to minimize ad skipping.

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Thales Teixeira

New York Times
May 4, 2012


It was a simple plan. McDonald’s would pay to appear at the top of the trends list on Twitter’s home page, using the social-media site to drive people to its new commercials highlighting some of the real-life farmers and ranchers who supply McDonald’s with its ingredients. Executives at the fast-food company loved the commercials; the word in-house was “authenticity.”

Harvard Business Review Blogs
February 15, 2012
February 1, 2012

Marketers all want to make the next "viral" ad, but it's not that simple. What makes people share ads with friends? What characteristics do viral ads have in common? We had the chance to talk with Thales Teixeira, Marketing Professor at the Harvard School of Business. Professor Teixeira's work focuses on why people share and what content they're inclined to share.