Doctoral Student

Beiting Cheng

Beiting Cheng is a doctoral student in the Accounting & Management Unit at Harvard Business School. She grew up in Shanghai, China and came to the U.S. after high school. After studying at Phillips Academy for one year as a postgraduate, she went to Harvard College and graduated in 2009 with a concentration in philosophy. Her research interest includes corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.


Cases and Teaching Materials

  1. Foxconn Technology Group (A)

    Robert G. Eccles, George Serafeim and Beiting Cheng

    The case describes the challenges that Foxconn faced after a series of suicides took place at its plants. The response of Foxconn's management is presented and the associated implications for Foxconn's stock price are discussed.

    Keywords: Employee Relationship Management; Leadership; Stocks; Social Issues; Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact; Capital Markets; Supply Chain Management; Environmental Accounting; Human Capital; Human Resources; Electronics Industry; Manufacturing Industry; China;


    Eccles, Robert G., George Serafeim, and Beiting Cheng. "Foxconn Technology Group (A)." Harvard Business School Case 112-002, July 2011. (Revised June 2013.) View Details