Anette Mikes

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Anette Mikes is an assistant professor in the Accounting & Management Unit. She teaches Financial Reporting and Control and in 2010 launched (with Professor Robert Kaplan) the new executive education program Risk Management for Corporate Leaders. She received a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics (LSE), where her dissertation, “Enterprise Risk Management in Action,” was the first field-based research study on risk management in financial institutions. Her subsequent publication "Risk Management and Calculative Cultures" won the 2009 David Solomons Prize.

She also holds an M.Sc. in economics and finance from the Budapest University of Economics and an M.Sc. in accounting and finance, with distinction, from LSE. During her doctoral studies, Professor Mikes was a tutorial fellow at LSE and an executive education associate at London Business School. 

A former advisor to the Group Risk function at Standard Chartered Bank, between 2007-2010, Professor Mikes instigated and directed the CRO Futures Research Initiative in the United Kingdom. With the cooperation of a number of senior risk officers contributing to the British Bankers’ Association’s Risk Advisory Panel, this research program investigated evolving directions in risk management and the emerging roles of senior risk officers. Professor Mikes also studies risk management practices in high-risk nonfinancial organizations, such as the Canadian energy company Hydro One and the Mars Program at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Beyond research and teaching, she enjoys literature, the performing arts, swimming, and sailing.

  1. Risk Management for Corporate Leaders

    As companies adapt to the aftershocks of the global recession, risk management is a top priority for their senior executives and boards—and for those of nonprofit and public-sector enterprises as well. The financial crisis revealed that risk management processes cannot be effective if they are siloed and fragmented, and that senior executives must understand the assumptions and data used in those processes. To address these challenges, HBS Executive Education has developed Risk Management for Corporate Leaders. In this program, you will learn how to identify the different types of risk facing your company, achieve an appropriate balance between innovation and risk, and protect your company from the consequences of uncertain and unexpected events.
  2. Designing Winning Organizations

    The course focuses on only one thing: how to design an organization that executes strategy better than competitors. This course will not teach you how to formulate strategy. Instead, taking strategy as given, you will learn the practical tools, tips, and techniques that are essential for winning in any competitive market.