Deishin Lee

Visiting Scholar

Deishin Lee is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration in Technology and Operations Management. Professor Lee studies how economic and environmental value can be created and captured by leveraging operational synergies to maximize natural resource utilization. Professor Lee received her Ph.D. from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. She also holds dual MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Management from MIT as a Leaders for Manufacturing fellow, and a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. Before her doctoral studies, Professor Lee worked at Motorola in the Operations group within the Paging Products, Wireless Data, and Multi-Media divisions.

  1. Sustainable Operations

    Professor Lee studies how operational synergies between different supply chains can be used to create economic value and improve environmental sustainability. She uses an operational lens to approach sustainability problems, focusing on the management of material flow (and disposal) through the value chain. In particular, her research addresses how raw material resources can be utilized more effectively by increasing operational scope. She has studied the implications of operational scope in a number of different industries including food, energy, high tech, and industrial manufacturing.


    Keywords: environment; Environmental Operations; sustainability; operations management; operational disruptions; supply chain; supply chain management; food security;