Doctoral Student

Faaiza Rashid

Faaiza is a doctoral student in Organizational Behavior (joint program between Harvard Business School, Department of Sociology and Department of Psychology). She holds a Masters of Science in Technology and Policy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering and Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Lehigh University. Faaiza has been a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington DC. She has worked at the global health-care company, Hoffmann–La Roche and at Lehigh University’s Energy Research Center.

  1. Research Interests

    by Faaiza Rashid

    Faaiza’s research focuses on how organizations learn and innovate under novel/uncertain circumstances. Organizational design, organizational sociology, strategic planning, knowledge management, and self-organizing teams are areas of special interest to Faaiza.