Dennis Campbell

Dwight P. Robinson, Jr. Professor of Business Administration
Unit Head, Accounting and Management

Dennis W. Campbell joined the faculty of the Harvard Business School in 2003. He is currently the Dwight P. Robinson Jr. Professor of Business Administration. In addition to his academic position, he also serves as the Head of the Accounting & Management unit at HBS. During his time on the faculty, he has taught in and chaired a variety of courses in the school’s MBA, doctoral, and executive education programs in Boston, Asia and the Middle East.

Professor Campbell's research and teaching activities focus broadly on the intersection between strategy, organizational culture, and management control systems. His current research examines how leaders can design and scale high performance cultures through deliberate choices in organizational structure and management systems – particularly in the context of enabling decision-making that is more responsive to local markets and customers. He has studied these issues extensively in both domestic and international contexts and has published numerous case studies across a variety of industries including retail, hospitality, financial services, and consumer-goods manufacturing. His research has been published in leading academic journals including Journal of Accounting Research, The Accounting ReviewManufacturing & Service Operations Management, Management Science, and the Journal of Service Research.   

Professor Campbell received his doctorate from Harvard Business School and his bachelors degrees in mathematics and economics from the University of Redlands (Redlands, CA). Prior to beginning his doctoral studies, he worked at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C. on research and policy related to the structure, conduct, and performance of U.S. banking institutions and markets. He is currently serving on the board of the Harvard University Employees Credit Union and is a research fellow at the Filene Research Institute. He enjoys living in Sudbury, MA with his wife, son, and daughter.  

  1. Financial Reporting and Control

    by Dennis Campbell

    Financial Reporting and Control (FRC) is a course about how leaders can design and use performance measurement systems to build more effective organizations.  Throughout their careers, business leaders are required to measure and evaluate their organization's economic performance, improve resource allocation and strategy implementation within their organizations, and build accountability for performance through effective external and internal governance. Top leadership in most organizations must also communicate performance information to external investors and other capital providers to ensure that their organizations are able to access capital on favorable terms.  In FRC, we learn key concepts and frameworks that guide the effective design and use of performance measurement systems to accomplish these multiple complex goals.

  2. Managing Service Operations

    by Dennis Campbell

    Managing Service Operations investigates how to design and manage firms to achieve sustainable service excellence. Service excellence is sustained when value is created for owners, employees, and customers. This course is aimed at those planning to work in service firms and for those working in companies that analyze or provide support to service businesses, such as consulting or venture capital firms.

  3. Driving Corporate Performance

    by Dennis Campbell

    Sustaining competitive advantage requires more than just insightful strategy. To guide a company's trajectory, today's leaders need a balanced view of business that encompasses financial measures, nonfinancial measures, and multiple control systems. In Driving Corporate Performance, participants explore the important connections between strategy, performance measures, management accountability, organizational design, and corporate governance.