Dennis Campbell

Dwight P. Robinson, Jr. Professor of Business Administration
Co-Unit Head, Accounting and Management

Dennis W. Campbell is a Professor in the Accounting & Management Unit at Harvard Business School. He is currently the course head for the HBS required MBA course Financial Reporting and Control. He also teaches the elective MBA course Managing Service Operations as well as in the HBS doctoral program and several executive education programs including Driving Corporate Performance (U.S. and China), Achieving Breakthrough Service, and Consumer Financial Services.

Professor Campbell's research, teaching, and case writing focus on the design of performance measurement and management control systems, with a particular focus on identifying design choices that enable more effective interactions between organizations and their customers. He has studied these issues extensively in both the U.S. and international services sectors and has published numerous case studies across a variety of related industries including retail, hospitality, and financial services. His research has been published in leading academic journals including Journal of Accounting Research, The Accounting ReviewManufacturing & Service Operations Management, and Management Science.   

Professor Campbell received his doctorate from Harvard Business School and his bachelors degrees in mathematics and economics from the University of Redlands (Redlands, CA). Prior to beginning his doctoral studies, he worked at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C. on research and policy related to the structure, conduct, and performance of U.S. banking institutions and markets. He is currently serving on the board of the Harvard University Employees Credit Union and is a research fellow at the Filene Research Institute. He enjoys living in Sudbury, MA with his wife, son, daughter, and two dogs.  

  1. Management Control in Adaptive Organizations

    by Dennis Campbell

    The overarching question I address in this line of research is: How can organizations gain the benefits from pushing decision-making closer to their markets and customers without losing control? My cases and field-based research articles in this area seek to address this question by identifying and examining the consequences of innovative management control practices in organizations that are highly decentralized relative to comparable industry peers. In this work, I have conducted a variety of field based empirical studies on the decision-making, learning, and performance consequences of systems related to employee selection, monitoring, nonfinancial performance measurement, incentives, and information sharing.

    Keywords: Decentralization; Empowerment; Management Control Systems; performance measurement; Organizational Structure; Organizational Culture; Measurement and Metrics; Retail Industry; Service Industry; Manufacturing Industry; United States; China; Europe;

  2. Designing and Managing Service Organizations

    by Dennis Campbell

    In this line of research, I explore the design of organizational structures and management control systems which enable organizations to differentiate and compete effectively on service. My research in this area also seeks to understand how to measure and manage the influence of customers on quality, cost, and profitability in service operations. 

    Keywords: service management; customer focus; customer profitability analysis; customer satisfaction; Service Operations; Measurement and Metrics; Organizational Design; Competition; Service Industry; Retail Industry; Manufacturing Industry; United States; China; Europe; Africa;