Anita L. Tucker

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Dr. Anita L. Tucker is an Associate Professor at the Harvard Business School.  She uses operations management and organizational learning theory to understand how to increase integration among the different departments that comprise an organization’s internal supply chain.  She has found that a lack of integration can create small-scale operational problems that individually can be worked around, but collectively waste up to 10% of an employees’ time and compromise quality. She uses a variety of methods to study this phenomenon, including ethnographic observations, surveys, and field and laboratory experiments. Dr. Tucker has received numerous awards including a 2013 “Wyss Mentoring Award” for excellence in mentoring doctoral students, 2006 Sloan Industry Studies Fellowship, 2004 AcademyHealth Dissertation award, the 2004 Accenture Award for her article with Amy C. Edmondson in California Management Review, and three best paper awards from Academy of Management conferences. Professor Tucker has a BSc. in Industrial Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Purdue University, and a doctorate in business administration from Harvard University.

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