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Doctoral Student

Erin Frey is a PhD candidate in Organizational Behavior.  Her research interests are centered around ethics and organizational policies regarding unethical behavior. She is also interested in pro-social behavior, repair, and developing enduring interventions. Prior to arriving at HBS, Erin studied Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  She completed her undergraduate studies at Harvard College in 2008.

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  1. Overview

    by Erin Lynn Frey

    Erin's research focuses on how organizations can and should respond to unethical behavior. She is interested in understanding the effects that organizational responses have on subsequent employee behavior, and how organizational policies can be designed to more effectively address ethical violations.

    Keywords: ethics; prosocial behavior; field experiment; psychology; networks; punishment; Ethics; Crime and Corruption; Giving and Philanthropy; Social Psychology; Motivation and Incentives; Social and Collaborative Networks;


  1. Overview

    by Erin Lynn Frey

    Erin has served as a teaching assistant in six different courses at Harvard University since 2008. She has taught courses at both the undergraduate level and the graduate level. She most recently was a teaching assistant for Todd Rogers' "Behavioral Science and Public Policy" class at the Harvard Kennedy School. In the past she also taught environmental policy courses at Harvard College.

    Keywords: behavioral science; policy-making; environmental policy; politics;

    Area of Study

    • Organizational Behavior
    • Psychology