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Doctoral Student

Xavier Jaravel is a PhD Candidate in Business Economics at Harvard University and Harvard Business School who is working on topics of relevance for macroeconomics, with a particular interest in innovation policy.

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    Research Summary

  1. Overview

    by Xavier Laurent Jaravel

    My work examines the social and economic processes that generate innovation and distribute its rewards in society, in the context of the United States over the past twenty years. For isntance, I have shown that in recent decades product innovations have disproportionately benefited high-income households due to increasing inequality and the endogenous response of supply to changes in market size. In other work, I have quantified the effect of low social mobility on innovation, the importance of teams in an inventor's career, and I have provided novel evidence on the patent-acquisition behavior of non-practicing entities.

      Area of Study

      • Negotiation, Organizations and Markets