Elizabeth Anne Marie Hansen


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Doctoral Student

Elizabeth Hansen is a doctoral candidate in the Joint Program in Organizational Behavior and Sociology at Harvard. She is broadly interested in how technological and institutional change influence organizational decision-making and culture. In one current paper, she draws on a fourteen-month ethnography of decision-making practices at a digital agency to investigate how teams incorporate and respond to market ambiguity in their everyday work. Her dissertation examines how technological changes in the distribution, production, and consumption of audio content are changing the institution of American public media.

Before coming to Harvard, Elizabeth worked at the Center for Applied Research in Philadelphia as a management consultant. Her clients were largely academic and philanthropic institutions. She received a B.A. in Latin from Swarthmore College in 2002.


    1. Overview

      by Elizabeth Anne Marie Hansen

      Elizabeth served as a Teaching Fellow for the 2011 undergraduate course Sociology 159: Social Entrepreneurship, taught by David Ager. She also served as a Teaching Fellow for the 2013 undergradudate course Sociology 114: Organizational Failures and Disasters: Leadership in Crisis, taught by Joshua Wakeham.

      Area of Study

      • Sociology