Joseph B. Fuller

Senior Lecturer of Business Administration

Unit: General Management


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Joseph Fuller is a Senior Lecturer in General Management and co-leads The Entrepreneurial Manager course in the MBA program. He is also a member of the faculty group overseeing the school’s ongoing project on U.S. competitiveness. A 1981 graduate of the school, Joe was a founder and first employee of the global consulting firm, Monitor Group, now Monitor-Deloitte. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of its commercial consulting operations from 1994 to 2006 and remained a Senior Advisor to firm until its acquisition by Deloitte in 2012. During his three decades in consulting, Fuller served clients in a wide variety of industries, especially those with a heavy reliance on technology. He has particularly deep experience in life sciences, ICT and the defense and aerospace industries. He has also served a number of national and regional governments in developing policies for enhancing competitiveness. He has particularly rich experience in two of the world’s most dynamic regions, greater China and the Middle East.

Joe has spoken before numerous management conferences and has written extensively. His work has appeared in Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, CEO, and The Journal of Applied Corporate Finance magazines, as well as The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune, China Daily, India’s Business Standard, and Brazil’s EXAMEHis white papers, Just Say No To Wall Street and What’s a Director to Do?, written in collaboration with Professor Michael Jensen are used in the curriculums of dozens of MBA programs worldwide. 

Mr. Fuller is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard College and a member of the Executive Committee of the Harvard College Fund. He is a director of PVH Corporation and a former member of HBS’s Board of Dean’s Advisors and of the boards of Merrimac Industries and SM&A.


Selected Publications

  1. How Bigger Dividends Build Trust


    Fuller, Joseph B. "How Bigger Dividends Build Trust." Financial Times (October 6, 2003). View Details
  2. What's a Director to Do?


    Fuller, Joseph B., and Michael C. Jensen. "What's a Director to Do?" In Best Practice: Ideas and Insights from the World’s Foremost Business Thinkers, edited by Tom Brown and Robert Heller, 243–250. Basic Books, 2003. View Details
  3. A Letter to the CEO


    Fuller, Joseph B. "A Letter to the CEO." Harvard Business Review (October 2002). View Details
  4. The Accounting Transparency Gap

    Keywords: Accounting policies;


    Fuller, Joseph B. "The Accounting Transparency Gap." Harvard Management Update (May 1, 2002). View Details
  5. Just Say No to Wall Street


    Fuller, Joseph B. "Just Say No to Wall Street." Wall Street Journal (January 2002). View Details
  6. End the Mythmaking and Return to True Analysis

    Keywords: analysis; analyst forecasts;


    Fuller, Joseph B. "End the Mythmaking and Return to True Analysis." Financial Times (January 22, 2002). View Details
  7. Dare to Keep Your Stock Price Low

    Keywords: price point; Price;


    Fuller, Joseph B. "Dare to Keep Your Stock Price Low." Wall Street Journal (December 31, 2001). View Details
  8. Overcoming the Fear of Flying: A Future for Europe’s Airlines


    Fuller, Joseph B. "Overcoming the Fear of Flying: A Future for Europe’s Airlines." Wall Street Journal (October 25, 2001). View Details
  9. Planning Is Dead, Long Live Planning

    Keywords: planning; strategic planning; Strategic Planning;


    Fuller, Joseph B. "Planning Is Dead, Long Live Planning." Across the Board (March, 1998). View Details
  10. Tailored Logistics: The Next Advantage

    Keywords: Logistics; Logistics;


    Fuller, Joseph B. "Tailored Logistics: The Next Advantage." Harvard Business Review 71, no. 3 (May–June 1993). View Details