Teaching Interest


by Michael Chu


Chu's teaching focuses on businesses providing goods and services to the emerging middle class and low-income sectors that constitute the market below the well-served top of the socio-economic world. In developed countries such as the USA, this may be 40-50% of the population; in emerging markets, it is 70-80% of the people. In his teaching. Chu examines the concept of business at the base of this socio-economic pyramid, the extent to which it may be applicable in meeting the underserved needs of its market, the key factors behind the success or failure of business models in this space and the extent to which those that succeed may disrupt traditional industries or create new ones. In addition, Chu explores the ways in which the social impact of such businesses at the base of the pyramid can be viewed, especially from the perspective of business decision-making.

Keywords: business at the base of the pyramid; emerging markets; low-income; social impact; Microfinance; inclusive finance; impact investing; Financial Services Industry; Health Industry; Latin America; Africa; Asia;