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Globalization and Emerging Markets



Globalization and Emerging Markets is designed for students who will be investing, managing a business or nonprofit, or working for a government in an emerging market. The unit of analysis of the course ranges from countries to multinational and domestic companies in emerging markets. Therefore, students are asked to take the perspective of different decision-makers, such as politicians, investors, and managers. For instance, students may have to take the perspective of the manager of an American company operating abroad, of an investor in Dubai bonds, of a shareholder in Brazil's oil company Petrobras, the manager of Indian Railways, or chairman of the central bank of China. As such the course should appeal to anyone considering a career in emerging markets or who will be doing business or investing in emerging markets.

Keywords: emerging market; globalization; BRICS; N11; Resource Allocation; Pakistan; Angola; Dubai; South Korea; South Africa; Turkey; Liberia; China; Brazil; Nigeria;