Teaching Interest

Development Economics (PhD)

by Shawn A. Cole


This course, intended for second-year PhD students in economics and related fields, is taught by Michael Kremer, Phillippe Aghion, and Shawn Cole.

Part I (Kremer) of the course will cover macro-economic topics including aggregate and non-aggregate growth models, models of technology diffusion and choice, and population growth, as well as cultural factors (e.g. reputation, trust, and social norms) affecting economic development.

Part II (Aghion) will be a selection of topics related to economic growth, among them club convergence, trade, competition, volatility, education, health, and the environment.

Part III (Cole) of the course is intended to bring students to the forefront of research on finance in emerging markets. Topics will include the relationship between financial development and economic growth, consumer finance; small and medium enterprise finance; debt and equity markets; the role of management and corporate governance; the political economy of finance, and corruption.