Teaching Interest

University of Hong Kong Teaching

by Andrei Hagiu


Follow the links below to see slides from a course taught by Professor Hagiu at the University of Hong Kong.

 Session 1: 
Network Effects (with equations and graphs)
Network Effects (concepts and mini-cases; no equations) 

Session 2:
Two-Sided Pricing Principles and Videogames Discussion

Session 3:
Bundling and Commitment Issues

Session 4:
MSP Dynamics (critical mass, divide-ad-conquer, staging TSPs) 

Session 5:
MSP Governance 
Product Variety Restrictions (based on Luyi Zhao's senior thesis)

Session 6:
Strategic Information Manipulation by Intermediaries
Is Google Making Us Stupid? (Atlantic article) 

Session 7:
Merchants vs. Two-Sided Platforms 

Session 8:
IP Intermediaries

Session 9:
Merchants vs. Two-Sided Platforms (II) (Gazelle and financial intermediaries)
Financial Times article on Market Makers

Session 10:
What Makes Two-Sided Markets Special 
Session 11:
Playing with Multi-Sided Platforms

Session 12:
Course Wrap-Up 

Keywords: "multi-sided platforms," two-sided markets, multi-sided markets, intellectual property intermediaries, network effects;