Teaching Interest

AMP 170 - General Management: Processes and Action



The Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program (AMP) helps drive corporate performance by honing individual capabilities to the highest level of performance. The result is a personal transformation with profound organizational implications. Participants return to their sponsoring organizations with the tools and knowledge to make the toughest decisions, skillfully and confidently. They also bring a greater understanding of global business and the constantly expanding responsibilities of executive leadership. Most important, they return with the confidence and determination to act on that understanding in innovative ways that will further enhance the performance of their organizations.

David A. Garvin works with the highest level of executive to examine the nature and use of managerial and organizational processes - the means by which work is accomplished - including strategic processes that chart corporate direction, resource allocation processes that distribute funds, decision-making processes that resolve conflicts and select among alternatives, managerial processes that negotiate roles and responsibilites and oversee and orchestrate work, and change processes that fundamentally revamp and improve organizational performance. Cases exploring the general manager's role in setting these processes in motion, monitoring them continuously, and shaping and directing them as they unfold over time serve as the basis for this Advanced Management Program course.