Teaching Interest

Managing International Trade and Investment

by Dante Roscini


Managing International Trade and Investment (MITI) is designed for students who expect to engage directly or indirectly in commerce and in strategic or financial investments across national borders. It covers concepts that are relevant to a number of operating and financial functions both in industry and in finance. In a globalizing world, managers and investors are increasingly faced with decisions that critically involve understanding the opportunities and the constraints that are being shaped by political and economic developments abroad. Despite the ease with which it is often conducted, doing business across borders is not the same as doing it at home. Rather, it entails a whole new set of managerial challenges: reassessing competitive advantage; evaluating diverse political environments and legal structures; considering the impact of currency fluctuations and trading regimes; and understanding widely disparate cultures and business norms. The purpose of MITI is to build a framework of analysis that enables managers to understand the challenges of international trade and investment and to master the opportunities and the risks that they represent.

Keywords: Trade; Investment; Foreign Direct Investment;