Research Summary


by Alison Wood Brooks


Professor Brooks studies the psychology of conversation and emotion—topics at the intersection of how people think, feel, and interact. From pitching ideas to seeking advice, from asking questions to giving compliments, from talking about (or hiding) our feelings and our personal struggles, she identifies and elucidates the underlying psychology of the factors that make such strategies work (and, more often than we’d like, fail). Her research focuses in particular on the pivotal role that emotional experience and expression play in making interactions go smoothly or poorly, and the external factors that influence interactions, such as the gender of the actors. With the goal of empowering individuals and their organizations to thrive, she studies these topics using experimental methods across diverse populations (e.g., behavioral laboratory participants, online panels of working adults, and field samples inside and outside organizations).

Keywords: Anxiety; Emotion; Emotion Regulation; Reappraisal; negotiation; trust; Performance;