Research Summary


by Jin Hyung Kim


A growing body of strategy and management literature emphasizes the importance of non-market strategy, not only as a stand-alone strategy but also as a part of integrated strategy in dealing with frequent regulatory change and political/regulatory actors and agencies. Nevertheless, many areas in non-market strategy remain unexplored, and empirical studies that can expand the scope of current research are needed. In particular, scant research has examined the non-market behaviors of foreign multinational enterprises (MNEs). For instance, it is expected that foreign MNEs would have varying degrees of engagement in political activities and that incentives gained from those activities in the host country would also differ by institution and by the culture of their country of origin. However, we have limited knowledge on the factors that drive foreign firms’ non-market behaviors, the strategies they use, and the outcomes of their non-market strategies. Hence, my research goal is to examine: (1) non-market strategy, particularly corporate lobbying strategy and foreign MNEs; 2) institutions and corporate lobbying; and 3) regulatory change and business-government relations.

Keywords: Non-market Strategy; lobbying; Business & government relations; global strategy; institutions;