Research Summary




I am interested in the individual experience of learning in organizational settings, particularly how employees learn to learn from the challenging work they do. I am currently researching the role of reflection for raising awareness of learning opportunities that occur when performing complex work tasks. This work on reflection at work serves a larger research agenda to improve the working life of adults through leveraging and enhancing the joy of learning through work. By examining the power of reflection and gaining insight into how workers conceptualize learning in the context of their jobs, I hope to make theoretical and practical impact on understanding the individual differences and socio-environmental influences of dynamic learning environments. In addition, I am beginning field research on the impact of parallel learning, which grants autonomy to the employee in what, how, and when to learn, on performance and innovation.

Keywords: learning; learning and development; Learning Organizations; intrinsic motivation; reflection; Goal setting; performance measurement; innovation; job design; Biotechnology Industry; Consulting Industry; Pharmaceutical Industry;