Research Summary


by Elizabeth Joyce Baily


Current Projects: • Perceptions of motivation (w/ N. Thornley and A. W. Brooks) • Perceptions of passion and emotionality (w/ A. W. Brooks) • Intention matters: Self-image goals adversely impact evaluations of leaders (w/ R. Ely and L. Ramarajan) • Men as cultural ideals: How culture shapes the content of gender stereotypes (w/ A. Cuddy, P. Glick, and M. Norton) • Face touching and its effect on empathy, power, and stress (w/ A. Cuddy)

Keywords: gender; Power; attitudes; stereotypes; Nonverbal Behavior; cross-cultural/cross-border; social psychology; Emotion; Gender Characteristics; Power and Influence; Prejudice and Bias; Judgments; Emotions;