Research Summary




When information is digitized, it can be aggregated and shared nearly instantly. I am interested in how this acceleration in the aggregation and availability of information, via digitization, affects firms and firm strategy. Platforms have emerged as marketplaces for digitized transactions and information exchange among users. In my job market paper, I investigate how different types of users impact platforms. Specifically, I look at how ‘star’ sellers affect the growth and liquidity of the platform. For this project, I use data from the two largest crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In a developing stream of research, I am looking at how digitized consumer sentiment on social media impacts firm decisions. I have collected approximately 4 million social media messages from Twitter about television shows from the Fall 2013 television season. I am interested in seeing how Twitter influenced process and investment decisions by the shows.

Keywords: market platforms; social media; information disclosure; platform strategy; Innovation Strategy; Collaborative Innovation and Invention; Technological Innovation; Intellectual Property; Information; Technology Platform; Information Industry; Information Technology Industry; Technology Industry; Web Services Industry;