Research Summary

Organizational Culture by Design

by Dennis Campbell


In this line of research, I examine how leaders can design, improve, and scale high performance cultures through deliberate choices in organizational structure and management control systems – particularly in the context of enabling decision-making that is more responsive to local markets and customers. My cases and field-based research articles in this area seek to identify the consequences of innovative management control practices in highly-decentralized "strong culture" organizations. In this work, I have conducted a variety of field based empirical studies on the decision-making, learning, and performance consequences of systems related to employee selection, monitoring, nonfinancial performance measurement, incentives, and information sharing.

Keywords: Decentralization; Empowerment; Management Control Systems; performance measurement; organizational culture; strategy; leadership; Organizational Structure; Organizational Culture; Measurement and Metrics; Retail Industry; Service Industry; Manufacturing Industry; United States; China; Europe;