Research Summary

Technology Reemergence: the Reinvention of Technologies, Organizations, and Industries

by Ryan L. Raffaelli


The comeback of the mechanical watch industry has provided Professor Raffaelli with the opportunity to investigate re-emergence along several dimensions, using different types of qualitative and quantitative studies. Probing the resurgence in market demand for mechanical watches, he has defined the role of industry leaders and collectors, while assessing how indicators as varied as currency valuations and industry consolidation may affect re-emergence. Professor Raffaelli has pursued the role of identity change in re-emergence, citing identity claims, leadership, and message framing as core components. Building on this work, he is in the midst of a multiple-industry study that identifies several generalizable conditions that make some industries, organizations, and communities better suited than others for re-emergence. This work has led him to examine the recent resurgence of independent bookstores, fountain pens, vinyl LPs, high-end textiles, streetcars, and several others.

Keywords: turnarounds; Innovation and Management; Technology Evolution; change management; Disruption; Transformation; Transition;