Research Summary

Current research

by Dina D. Pomeranz


Professor Pomeranz's research is situated at the intersection of development economics and public finance. Her current work focuses in particular on corporate taxation and public procurement, the two key ways in which government finance affects firms and entrepreneurs. Governments globally extract about 20-25% of GDP from the private sector through taxation and pay an average of 10-15% of GDP to firms through public procurement. Whether or not this large share of the economy is managed in a way that creates an equal playing field is therefore of critical importance both for entrepreneurial opportunities and for economic development.

To study these issues, Professor Pomeranz has conducted large-scale, randomized field experiments, as well as regressin discontinuity analysis and other rigurous research methods using large administrative datasets. In current research, she studies the impact of tax subsidies on firm investment, the effectiveness of international transfer pricing regulation and the role public procurement systems in emerging markets.