Research Summary

PROMISES: Proactive Reduction in Outpatient Malpractice: Improving Safety Efficiency and Satisfaction (w/ MA Dept of Public Health, MA Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors, Brigham Hospital, HSPH, HMS, IHI)

by Patricia Satterstrom


This study aims to improve patient safety and decrease malpractice risk in ambulatory practice. The study has three aims: 1) using a randomized control trial, this project will test a series of interventions at 16 demonstration sites, focusing on medication management, test ordering and results management, and follow-up and referral management; 2) it will test new approaches to improve communication between patients and doctors to address patient concerns as early as possible; 3) will develop tools and packages to disseminate the learning from this project so it can be shared throughout Massachusetts and beyond.

I am working closely with Sara Singer and members of the improvement and evaluation groups to systematically capture short- and long-term learning around collaboration in ambulatory settings.