Research Summary

Risk Management



The recent proliferation of risk management, as a management control system, and the continuing failures in risk oversight suggest that risk practices warrant further research and understanding.

My mission, ambition, and indeed passion is to document, understand, and explain risk-management practices worthy of research attention and to influence the theory and practice of risk management.

I believe that risk management as a management control discipline has the potential to help managers run their businesses better, avoid idiosyncratic pitfalls, and help solve important and vexing societal problems that no organization can tackle alone. On the other hand, risk management has its own risks and, as a field, needs self-reflection and a critical understanding of the conditions of its own successes and failures.

In sum, my work follows two main streams:
1. Describing and explaining the apparent variation in risk-management practices in business organizations.

2. Understanding the conditions of risk management's proliferation, its apparent successes and failures.