Research Summary

Pioneer- Entrepreneurship and Industry Emergence



This set of projects studies entrepreneurship in a creative industry-i.e. high-end fashion in India-with the main aim of understanding industry emergence and the role of pioneer-entrepreneurs.

Fashioning an Industry: How Entrepreneurs and Others Shaped the Emergence Shape the Emergence and Evolution of an Industry.

Mukti is studying the evolution of the nascent fashion industry in India. This project provides insights into how entrepreneurs individually and collectively deal with the multiple levels of uncertainty inherent in being entrepreneurs in a new industry, and how the ecosystem of the industry contributes to uncertainty-alleviation. It also shows how industries evolve by borrowing institutional norms from other contexts, and adapting them to suit their specific needs.

Medium and Message: The Role of the Media in Establishing Institutional Logics

 This working paper involves a massive effort to collect magazine articles on Indian fashion published in leading Indian magazines for the last 20 years in order to understand how the identity of an industry is iteratively understood and constructed.