Research Summary

Research Questions

by Anita Elberse


One overarching question drives my research: What are effective marketing strategies for managers in creative industries?

I focus on three sub-questions:

  1. How can managers in creative industries effectively manage products and product portfolios?
  2. How can managers in creative industries effectively manage and market talent?
  3. How can managers in creative industries effectively respond to advances in digital technology?
I consider strategic marketing challenges from a number of different viewpoints, but the dominant perspective is that of a manager of a firm that produces content, such as a book publisher, film or television studio, record label, or sports team or league. The three questions capture what are arguably the main challenges that today's content producers face in serving consumers. The questions relate directly to the producers' position in the marketing channel, which also consists of the talent (authors, actors, musicians, athletes, and other "creative workers") they employ to create goods, and the content retailers or aggregators (such as book or music stores, theater chains, television networks, and online video sites) through which they distribute and market those goods -- a marketing channel that is severely impacted by the rise of digital technology.