Research Summary

International & Ethno-political Conflict

by Deepak Malhotra


A second stream of research looks at issues related to conflict resolution in the context of international and ethno-political conflict, and in particular, at the role of negotiation in ending armed conflicts.  One article examines whether and when countries should set preconditions to negotiating with their 'enemies'; this analysis was published in Foreign Affairs, the premier foreign policy journal for practitioners.  In another project, a colleague and I study Israeli attitudes towards a two-state solution.  We find that concerns regarding successful implementation of a negotiated agreement can lead parties to prefer "balanced" over advantageous deals.  Another project, conducted in Sri Lanka, demonstrates the kind of long-term impact that 'peace camps' can (and cannot) have on attitudes and behaviors of ethnic disputants.  My current work in this area is looking at how peace processes can be designed more effectively.