Research Summary

Front-Line Organizational Learning



Dr. Tucker uses operations management and organizational learning theory to understand and improve front-line work processes.  Specifically, she examines the conditions under which the problem solving routines of front-line workers are likely to result in positive organizational learning and change.  Her research focuses on healthcare organizations and issues related to patient safety, efficiency, patient experience, and implementing best practices. She is currently working with healthcare organizations, such as Kaiser Permanente and Duke University Hospital to study the impact of hospitals' internal supply chains on patient outcomes and staff efficiency.  She is also conducting a series of laboratory experiments on medication administration to understand the conditions under which nurses will speak up to improve their work systems.  Her research is partially funded by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.  Dr. Tucker has received numerous awards for her research including a 2006 Sloan Industry Studies Fellowship, 2004 AcademyHealth Dissertation award, the 2004 Accenture Award for her article with Amy C. Edmondson in California Management Review, and three best paper awards from Academy of Management conferences.